b. 1986, HK.


Katherine is a strategic creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. She understands the emotional experience behind brands & enjoys infusing the emotional into the product. 

Katherine Crowell is a product and visual designer from Chicago. She currently resides in Washington, DC where she's fighting the good fight at NGP VAN. In 2010, Katherine graduated from Kenyon College in northeast Ohio with a degree Spanish Literature.  Shortly after graduation, she moved to Kansas City, MO to teach English as a Second Language through Teach For America. In between trying every barbecue joint in Kansas City and teaching, she studied graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute and worked at Hallmark. She met her other half shortly thereafter and they decided to move to Washington, DC, where they've lived ever since.  Katherine enjoys hitting the slopes, reading the snow reports for far-off mountains, taking photos, recovering from crossfit workouts, and watering her plants every other day. 

Like her work? She's available for freelance projects.